Curriculum Vitae

A PDF version of this CV can be downloaded here

Professional Skills

• C++
• C#
• DirectX11
• OpenGL
• Unity
• Cocos2D-X
• Android
• Java
• JavaScript

About Me

I am currently in my final year studying Computer Games Programming BSc (Hons) at Staffordshire University, seeking an opportunity to showcase my abilities and ambition in the gaming industry. Primarily I program in C++ and C#, but have competencies in Java, PHP, JavaScript and a few other languages. My skills also stretch to a strong understanding of maths and physics in 3D graphics.

During my time at University, I have explored many technologies and developed several skills in 3D and 2D Graphics, AI, Networking and Project Management. I have created two DirectX11 engines, a simple OpenGL engine, two mobile games and am currently working on a PC Unity game for Playing With Giants

As I constantly strive to achieve the best in tasks and projects I undertake, I would consider myself a highly motivated individual who is not satisfied until a job is complete to the highest possible quality. Experience, with a sprinkle of an enjoyment for challenge, has ensured I remain working hard in all situations.

Work Experience

Codeweavers - Placement Backend Developer


During my placement year at University, I worked as a C# back-end application developer at Codeweavers. We worked on providing finance calculators, lead management systems and retailing solutions to customers such as Alphabet, BMW, Honda and more.

Most of my time was spent split between managing vehicle data and working on the core finance engine that powers all the calculations at Codeweavers. My work in the core finance engine involved developing residual calculations for companies such as Tesla and London Taxi Company. I was also part of the development team that made the search engine that powers Mini Offers. Other jobs included developing internal tools for Customer Support to better support Codeweaver's clients and developing other bespoke solutions for other companies.

As this was my first job in an agile software development company, it taught me a multitude of useful skills such as:
• Project Management & Leadership
• Agile Development Methodologies such as Kanban, Pair Programming, Continuous Integration, Test-Driven Development and more
• Dealing with stressful situations and deadlines, where a customer's product and companies reputation is on the line

iView - Technical Support & Software Tester


My first job in the computing industry was at iView solutions, where I was the primary tester for the developed software while also offering a small amount of technical support to iView's customers. Responsibilities Included:
• Tested company software and reported logical errors and design inconsistencies.
• Developed a PHP website for a proposed child business, e-Parking.
• Dealt with customer problems on the phone, either to fix myself or to pass along to someone more qualified.
• Fixed problems that arose in the company‚Äôs database due to employee/system errors.
• Managed the company stock.


Staffordshire University - Computer Games Programming


Predicted 1st Class Honours
Advanced Graphics and Real-Time Rendering (Level 6) [Predicted 1st Class Honours]
Developing Advanced Graphic Algorithms and Techniques such as Bump Mapping, Parallax Mapping, Parallax Occlusion, Ambient Occlusion, Deferred Rendering and Shadowing. The project can be seen here.

Final Year Project (A Flora AI That Creates and Adapts Plants to Survive in a Dynamic Ecosystem) [Predicted 1st Class Honours]
For my Final Year Project, I am developing an AI system that will create and adapt plants against a range of environmental variables to create genetic variance in generated plants. The objective is to replace an Artist's time making florae based on educated guesses and allow a tool to create believable plant life.

Further Games and Graphics Concepts (Level 5) [1st Class Honours]
Previous years covered other graphics, physics and AI techniques such as Particle Systems, Rigid Body Physics, AI Pathfinding, Collision Detection, Collision Response, Lighting, Texturing, OBJ Rendering and Cameras. The project can be seen here.

Group Game Development Project and Work-Based Simulation (Level 6) [Predicted 1st Class Honours] and Technical Games Production (Level 5) [1st Class Honours]
Work based simulations attempting to replicate the environment, hardships and processes of real game studios. These modules have resulted in developing a game called "Misinformation" (unreleased) for Playing With Giants and presenting a game, Scientific Adventures of a Husky in Space, to Media Molecule, which won against games developed by other Students. The Group Game Development Project is ongoing.

Further Mathematics and Algorithmics (Level 5) [1st Class Honours]
Maths modules covering content such as Vectors, Matrices, Quaternions, Calculus, Complex Numbers, Integration and Normal Distribution.


Megan Buckley, Head of Human Resources at Codeweavers

Paul Boocock, Part Time Lecturer at Staffordshire University & Hero Engineer at Hotjar