In the "Group Game Development Project and Work-Based Simulation" module, we developed a game for Playing With Giants. The game takes place in a Mansion that houses captured German Generals during World War II.

You control a Technician that must use a limited budget to buy and place listening devices around the building to listen to conversations held between Generals. Each day that passes has a secret that the player must discover from the conversations. However, Generals can lie and Listening Devices can break, vastly increasing the difficulty of obtaining the information.

At the end of the day, the player must submit a daily report with the information they believe is correct. If it is, and the event is circumvented, the funding for the department is increased. If not, the player must survive on the previous day's money until they go bankrupt.

Other Team Members

Ash Pemberton
Jacob Lawton
Kyle Twist
Ray Walters
Tristan Urry