Game Jam 2018: Datagram Transfer


A hacker attempts to infiltrate government buildings to steal a data packet. She utilises terminals to transmit clones of herself throughout the building to solve puzzles to reach the data packet and extract it from the building. Only the main player is able to escape the building, the clones cannot leave with the data packet.

• 'A' and 'D' to move left and right.
• 'E' to interact with lifts, buttons, fuse boxes and terminals.
• 'Space' to make a clone at a selected terminal.
• 'Z' and 'X' to cycle through the connected terminals when at a terminal.
• Arrow Keys to cycle through available clones.
• 'K' to kill all clones.

I had two jobs during the Game Jam, which was as Lead role alongside one other member and as Lead Programmer. As Lead, it was my responsibility to issue tasks to all members of the team based on their skills and competency levels. As Lead Programmer, it was my job to oversee the design of all code for the core gameplay mechanics being implemented into the game. Most of my time was spent designing and programming mechanics of the game such as the AI behaviours and circuit system.

Link the Global Game Jam Page for the game

Other Team Members

Andrew Smith
Ben Crawford
Callum Pielesz
Daniel Grezel
Jo Kallset
Joshua Marshall
Mike Young
Ryan Johnson
Sam Head