Scientific Adventures of a Husky in Space



For the "Technical Games Production" Level 5 module at University, I was SCRUM master for a team of 5 other developers to create a game of our choosing.

The premise of the game was about a Husky trapped on a space ship that must flip gravity, move boxes and activate buttons to traverse each level. The player can move the husky by tapping the screen at the desired location, can tap switches when next to them to flip gravity, can tap and pinch boxes to change the size and drag moveable platforms with their finger.

This was pitched to Media Molecule against a variety of other games made by other students, and this was selected as the best.

The following skills were developed on this project:
• Android & iOS Development
• C++
• Team/Project Management
• Leadership in a Game Studio Environment
• Cocos2D-X
• Pitching and Marketing

Other Team Members

Alexander Thomas
Ash Pemberton
James Edgerton
Joshua Marshall
Matt Trent